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I've always carried stuff, but until I found this site I didn't realize EDC was a *thing*. To my dismay, I discovered that I was missing some core components (or actually that there were waaay cooler options). So now I finally have them, and more importantly like what I have.

I must give special mention to the paracord bracelets, because I get asked about them all the time. Worn as two anklets instead, which is more discrete (except in shorts) and the bulk is less noticeable -- one 6-ft "utility" rope closed with small carabiner to help carry/tie things all the time, one 18-ft daisy-chained "emergency" rope closed via tension knot saved for...emergencies (because it's a pain to retie). Two versions to save wear-and-tear, and I'll replace them every couple months (and save the old rope for tie-downs).
I've used the utility rope surprisingly frequently, from a stroller sling navigating narrow cobblestone streets to lassoing water bottles to leashing stray dogs. I'm strangely proud of the tying on the emergency rope, because it doesn't need shackles or hardwear and hasn't fallen off yet, even when trail-running.
I threaded the Ti Pocket Bit on the utility anklet which means it's with me all the time, even sleeping which is extremely useful as it easily opens those stupid cold-pill blister-packs in the middle of the night.

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Billy ·
Great EDC! When did bottles start getting a belt too?
Aaron S ·
A length rope and knowledge of 3-4 good knots is so under appreciated. For me, there's not much I can't do with a good 10' of paracord and a figure 8, truckers hitch, or square knot. Good on you.