Back to Nature-2 EDC

Robert -White Feather
Modern Shaman (age 56)
Klamath Falls, Oregon
This is my basic EDC for the most part, and I don't leave home without them. Sometimes I'll carry my Kershaw Cryo II BW instead of the ZT at work, but the ZT goes with me outdoors. I do have a wallet and flip phone, but usually they stay in my jeep, only going with me when I have to go to the store or make a call (no texting). I usually have a bit of cash on hand as well. My Ocean Jasper pocket stone is kind of like those new "fidget" toys like the spinners and such, I just like the feel and energy it gives off. Chewing tobacco is a habit I picked up in my cowboy days and still enjoy, and also makes a great offering when out in nature.

I revised this photo from my previous post.

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J Kyle ·
Great ZT! Has some meat to it doesn't it!?
Robert -White Feather ·
Yup, a bit hefty but you get used to it.
sacredarray ·
Clean carry: love the ZT and pocket stone.
Robert -White Feather ·
Thanks, the ZT is a very impressive knife, and I always carry one of my pocket stones wherever I go.
Richard Statnick ·
I like your neckless. Would you make another?
Robert -White Feather ·
Thanks! I made my necklace almost 10 years ago when I was making stone and bead jewelry, my son has one very similar. I have not done any beading for many years, but could probably make one if I could still find the lava rock beads.