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This is my favorite EDC. IT is very functional, and easy to conceal. The Nate Squared holster allows me to carry a large pistol with little/no imprint. Of course there is more such as 2 extra mags so I have plenty of rounds, cuffs, cellphone, and a minimalist wallet.

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Andy ·
Looking at your SOCP; isn't it illegal to carry a dirk (dagger) in Maryland?
Perry ·
It's a multi functional rescue tool used to cut seatbelts, and cut things to be used as a tourniquet.

Also there aren't knife bans in MD. Civilians cant conceal carry weapons. So for a knife or bladed object and its hanging on your pocket you're ok.

Finally, there are exceptions to weapons laws for law enforcement in the U.S.
Andy ·
Md. Code, CR § 4-101: Right, got it. I had to read the thing twice to sort it all out. Dagger is illegal to carry concealed or illegal to carry open if you're gonna hurt someone unlawfully, but it's okay to carry open if you're gonna hurt someone in a lawful manner. But the citizen needs to know all this, because if they get it wrong they face up to 3 years in prison. Your state's laws are messed up.... Good luck out there Trooper... PS: Although you're correct, in my defense, the initial post had it listed as SOCP Dagger, upon further inspection it could be the SOCP Spearpoint; which is an entirely different animal.
Cole Hall ·
Is this an on or off duty carry? Just curious, my future ambition is to become an officer in Florida. Thank you for what you do.
Perry ·
I use it for both...... this holster is great. I wear t-shirts and when I get home my family is telling me they didnt even know it was there.
Cole Hall ·
Interesting, I will have to check it out. I'm sure they have one for my Glock 19. Thank you!