My real, simple, if I lost a piece I wouldn't be devastated EDC

Mark Nielsen
American Fork, Utah
These are the things that, along with my phone, go on me or in my pockets every day. It is simple and inexpensive. If I lose all or part, instead of being traumatized, it is fun to see if I can get a replacement that I like as much.
I take this to work, on campouts with my boys and to church on Sunday.
Keep it simple my friends!

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Justin Glass ·
I love the concept. Very practical and well rounded carry. Very nice.
Mark Nielsen ·
I have a buddy who in one day lost an Omega watch, a Benchmade and some sweet sunglasses- all due to an emergency pack-up and go situation on the Salmon river. He was sick! I had envied his gear until that day.
Justin Glass ·
That story makes me sick to my stomach. I know how it feels tho. That's the exact time when I lose things. When I'm rushed and have to do a lot. I've learned to carry only my favorite items on weekends or going out somewhere.