My basic EDC

Jameson Bacleon
Paranaque, Philippines
I have been EDCing for quite some time but starting this 2017, i really took note of the things that I always carry and which I almost always use. My first EDC kit was really bulky and full of things that I don't normally use but feel I should bring along. What I did was to keep these things in an organizer pouch: one for the car and one on my backpack.
The items listed here are those which I carry with me everyday regardless where I go.

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Casey C. ·
I have to admit the Buck 55 seems out of place in this awesome blacked out carry. Why that choice of blade.?
Jameson Bacleon ·
Primarily because of its size: very easy to pocket. I do have an Opinel No 6 and Sodbuster Jr that is part of my rotation but I keep on coming back to the Buck 55.