Grey, gunmetal and titanium

Victor Villaseor
Tlaquepaque, Mexico
Weekends with some more serious cutting needs.

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Franklion ·
Nice, you have a Dax too. I'm sure you got the backer emails about them sending everyone a free 2.0 version once they get it how they want it this time. It's great that they want to stand behind their product. I can't wait to get it.
Victor Villaseor ·
Yeah, those seamless versions are great. I haven't had any issues with mine thou, just the slightly less than ideal pull that got sorted out with a determined pull.
Franklion ·
My plastic inserts are all wonky, uneven and cheap. It still functions but not the quality they thought they were getting from the manufacturer. My wife is using it for extra cards. I love the concept though.
Franklion ·