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BucknBear Damascus Multi-tool

Ed Jelley
BucknBear Damascus Multi-tool

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If you want to carry a multi-tool but you're worried it'll weigh you down, a one-piece tool is the way to go. This handmade tool from Pennsylvania's own BucknBear packs 7 handy features into a single compact piece of metal. But it's not just any metal. Unlike most pocket tools, this one's forged from a modern damascus steel. The result is a versatile EDC with a one-of-a-kind finish, fortified with layers and layers of durability.

That's all thanks to the damascus — one of the toughest materials out there. It's made by repeatedly layering and heat treating steel to make it as hard as possible. BucknBear even uses their own in-house Rockwell hardness testing equipment to ensure each tool meets their durability standards.

On the tool itself, you'll find seven useful functions: there’s a multi size hex wrench, nail puller, hex, Phillips- and flat-head screwdrivers, bottle opener, and a key ring. It's sized to ride comfortably on your keychain setup, ready to go when you need it. Even with that kind of portability, it's comfortably large enough to use each of the tools with ease.

If you've been looking to get more utility out of your keychain without the bulk, consider this. You can grab this tool, along with other modern damascus gear exclusively from Huckberry at the link below.


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Efrain Suarez II ·
I think it safe to say that my quest for that perfect pocket tool must conclude. I haven't seen anything standout in a few years now. They are all looking the same. Damascus is not a selling point for me, at least for this pocket tool. My screwpop looks a lot like this.
Ross Goldberg ·
Seems like a stretch to call this 7 functions, especially if the same "bit" is for "crosshead screwdriver" and "flathead screwdriver". Why not call the bottle opener an icepick and a backscratcher for two more "functions"? (Also a keyring is not a function, it is a way of storing your tool.)
Swarf ·
Seems like a stretch to call it Damascus steel. And even it it were, so what? It's still a non-edged widget.
Akio Crimson ·
Holy crap, $50 (a discount from $71) is way too expensive for a tiny tool such as this. No one needs a Damascus mini-tool, and for $50, that's just insane and unnecessary. I got a Leatherman 6 for free, valued at $7, made of stainless steel and it works just perfectly. Damascus would be really nice for a knife, but pretty much not anything else, especially not this.