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Here are some flashlights I have around the house. My favorite is the Eagle Tac, not as bright at 300 lumens, but warm color and small size make it my go to carry. The small Bushnell my wife carry's in her purse. The Bushnell pro 600 is a nice very bright flashlight, and carry's best clipped to a belt. The Bushnell Pro 1300 is rather large, and more suited for a backpack, as well as the lantern, is rechargeable, and a great floodlight with no hot spots in the middle, nice even bright pattern with a large radius. The Outback Joey makes for a great utility light, excellent for keeping in a vehicle.

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Anthony ·
how do you like those bushnell lights? been thinkin bout getting one.
Robert -White Feather ·
I like the bushnells, the big one has a super nice large floodlight and is rechargeable, and the smaller ones seem to work well with nice beams. The rough texture is great for grip but might cause problems if carried inside your pocket.
Anthony ·
Thanks. Only issue I have with these ones is the bezel. Where I live a lot of counties wont let u have a crowned striking edge one your lights when working on the ambulance. As far as rechargeable go, in suprised no one ever takes about the charge ports getting water in them or how to charge them in a SHTF situation.
aaron ·
Streamlight Siege is a staple in the back of the Jeep...Great lantern.
Robert -White Feather ·
I got this for outdoors for this summer and backup for when the power goes out, haven't used it much yet, but it is going in my bug out bag.
aaron ·
It's a mainstay..Lots of option..If it were solar or USB it'd be about perfect...Keep that bag handy brother...World's getting uglier everyday..