Dapper carry

Missionary (age 33)
Manchester, Georgia
This is what I carry when I have to dress up for events

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What cord are you using?
Liking the oris a lot! Great watches!
I like the "pocket mace" do you know where one could acquire such?
Where did you get that little key shaped bottle opener?
It was a kickstarter campaign. I look and find the name of it for you
Thanks, I'd appreciate it.
Prometheus Epsilon EKO
Awesome, thanks for the info!
Hi where did you find the Rat 2 in D2 and carbon fibre?
Amazon. There was a special run of them. You can also get the D2 blade with different color zytel scales
Your lucky to have gotten a Rat 2 in D2..all I've ever seen is the Rat 1 in D2
I'm sorry it is the rat 2. I always get them backwards