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Boker Plus Mini Slik Tanto

Jonathan Tayag
Boker Plus Mini Slik Tanto

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When it comes to everyday carry, a folding knife seems like the obvious choice. But you have more options than you might think. For example, plenty of EDCers prefer a fixed blade for the ultimate reliability and ease of use they offer. Unfortunately, they tend to be far too big to carry comfortably. If you want a fixed blade you can actually EDC, the Boker Plus Mini Slik Tanto is for you. It's a small, minimalist knife made in collaboration with custom knifemaker Rob Amsler.

This is one of the smallest and lightest fixed blade knives you can EDC. At 4.9" in length, you can cover it in the palm of your hand. At that size, it's also no wonder that it only weighs a mere 1.7 ounces. But don't let its size fool you. It's a featherweight knife that punches far above its weight class. That's because it features a sharp 2.1" 440C tanto blade that excels both at cutting and piercing. And because it is a full-tang fixed blade, you can rely on it for serious hard use unlike some folding knives.

Size isn't everything, and the Boker Plus Mini Slik Tanto proves it. If you've been on the fence about carrying a fixed blade for EDC, this is the one to do it with. Plus, it's stunning to look at, with its beautiful titanium scale handle and sharp angles on the blade. Make one of these beauties yours at the link below.

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Rob Amsler ·
Great writeup.. Thank you for all the nice words..
What happened to the pikal version?
Rob Amsler ·
I think they only manufactured it for the first two years and then stopped producing it.. They never really told me..
John L Coulter ·
How can you go wrong for the price point? All you need is a marlin spike and a leather sheath and your ready for the wild.
Love the design.