My First EDC Post

Paul Vogt
Kansas City, MO
As my title suggests, this is my first edc post on Everyday Carry. I have enjoyed checking out what other folks carry and the different articles on this site for some time now. I have been into edc as a hobby for several years. I have continued to adapt and add to my system over that time. Most would consider me a gear nut and especially a knife nut though being only 23 and going to school, I don't have a lot of money to invest in high end knives or gear, though I would love to. I try to maintain a balance between quality, value, and cool factor, at least for me anyway. I bet you couldn't tell that I liked Punisher.
I have gotten the basis of my system and my inspiration in edc from Nutnfancy, a fantastic gear reviewer/adventurer on Youtube. I imagine most people on this site know of him, but if you don't, I cannot recommend him enough. I have even gotten into backpacking because of his adventure videos. He often says in all of his gear checks as well as his own edc videos that he has never met anyone who carries as much stuff as he does, well here I am!
My coworkers call me the walking tool chest and my friends love giving me crap about the 10lbs I carry every day. My multi tools, yes, I always carry two, my flashlight, and gun ride on a basic 5.11 double duty TDU belt. The mag pouch works for now, but I plan on getting one that clips to the belt. I have been using the Blackhawk holster for a couple of weeks now, and I really love it so far. It is very comfortable and has every feature I could want for only about 20 bucks. I absolutely have to wear cargo shorts/pants to be able to carry all of this stuff and I use every single pocket. I only buy from Duluth Trading for the past couple of years now. They make quality, durable clothes with the best warranty available.
Now, as to the rest of the stuff in the pouch that isn't pictured: a starflash signal mirror, basic sewing kit, short USB to micro USB cable, fingernail clippers, small zip ties, and a basic first aid kit including: large bandages, small bandages, non-alcohol antiseptic wipes, single use triple antibiotic ointment packets made from straws (check out instructables for this easy diy mod), tums, ibuprofen, waterproof medical tape, butterfly closures, gauze pad, and a non-latex stretch tourniquet. I hope you enjoyed my first post and please let me know of any suggests on improving the post or my system. I really love being a part of the EDC community. Thank you everdaycarry.com for being such a great resource to all of us!

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Robert -White Feather ·
What, no toilet paper!! You're very well equipped, sounds like my bug out bag. Just don't fall into the water with all that on!