EDC: Level 1 / Level 3 [April 2017]

Student (age 18)
Level 1: "On-Body"-EDC
Level 2: "Clothing"-EDC
Level 3: "TacPouch"-EDC
Level 4: "First-Aid-Ammo-Box" (Car)
Level 5: "Technical-Ammo-Box" (Car)
All the items on the left side are worn on my body. Except from the flashlight. I add it to my belt or in my pocket in the evening.

The little bag on the right side finds its place in my school bag or similar places.
This bag is not fully developed. I want to put more stuff in it, but right now, there is no more space for additional first-aid equipment or the Leatherman Bit Kit, I also own. But I'll fix that in the future.
A big advantage of this pouch is the size. I can fit it into the side-pocket of backpacks, which keeps it organized.

1. The Leatherman Wave is by the way the best purchase, I have ever done in my life. I use this tool every day. And remember: I'm just a student...

2. I normally don't wear my Leatherman on my belt. It looks pretty weird and I don't need it that fast. The only reason for using the holster: I ripped my pants when I had it in my pocket; the holster prevents this.

3. I also love the flashlight. It is not one of those super expensive models, which cost over $100 and have only a few lumens. This one is (comparatively) cheap, bright, small and I can charge it via microUSB.

4. The Nitecore MH12 comes with a nylon holster. I wanted to have a open-top one which is hard shell. Except from the Leatherman, I wear the flashlight on my belt. But only in the evening and concealed.

5. My phone? We keep it short: I'm one of those WindowsPhone-lovers... :D

6. The Watch is not that expensive, but I don't prefer wearing those super expensive ones to break them.

7. My wallet is pretty old. But it "works" for me and I will not change it, until it fails or I loose it.

8. The key chain is annoying me, because it is the only loose thing in my pocket. I plan on buying one of those nice key cages.

9. After I bumped into a few car accidents, where the participants (illegally) did not have a warning triangle in their cars, I bought this traffic wand for the MH12. Small and very (honestly!) bright.

10. I don't smoke, but it is small. Nothing else.

11. Disinfection wipes are always handy. Not only for first-aid-use

12. Two pairs of latex gloves for first-aid, cleaning, ...

13. I normally do not use headache pills. But if there is a friend, who needs some, they are needful. And why not? They are small.

14. Two little plasters are enough for me at first. But as I said... I will upgrade this whole pack soon.

If you have any question, contact me:

Max M.

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What kind of pouch is that?
It ist a NintendoDS-Pouch 😂. I don't use my DS for years and it has the right size to fit in the side pocket of a backpack (for bottles).
But it is not really big enough, so I will probably upgrade it in the future.
Isn't Leatherman Wave illegal to carry in Germany due to Article 42a?
Ich denke du sprichst Deutsch...
Mit dem Gedanken habe ich mich auch schon befasst. Soweit ich das recherchiert habe, befindet man sich bei dem Leatherman in einem rechtsfreien Raum.
Der Grund: Das Leatherman ist (auch) ein Werkzeug.
Natürlich kann man die Klinge mit einer Hand öffnen, jedoch wird es meiner Erkenntnis nach, als Werkzeug "gewertet". Falls dies nicht so ist, hilft eigl nur noch ein netter Umgang mit den Beamten. Ich kenne die Polizeibeamten in meiner Stadt/Nachbarstadt ganz gut und wenn man denen das freundlich erklärt, sollte das kein Problem sein.
Ich bin eh nicht die Person, die ständig auffällt und kontrolliert wird.
Am Ende ist mir die Gefahr "erwischt" zu werden viel zu gering. Ich nutze das Leatherman einfach jeden Tag und kann es nicht missen.
Aber prinzipiell hast du nicht Unrecht.