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Bellroy Designers Edition Wallets

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Bellroy Designers Edition Wallets

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"Bellroy’s wares are already a cut above most others’. And Bellroy Designers Edition Wallets are a further cut above those, altogether not unlike their XO Barneys NY collection of recent past. The collection revamps a part of Bellroy’s existing range, including the Note Sleeve and Travel Wallet, while adding new ones — like a minimal card holder and a zip wallet — to the mix. Each product couples rich European leather to refined techniques that minimize stitchwork and smooth corners and edges for a luxurious yet minimal look. Shown in the first image is the Travel wallet in black, which has room for a passport, a myriad of cards, cash, and..." (via )

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Khoa ·
I have their Note Sleeve for 5 months. Well, it's pretty good and a good purchase. I did want to get more of their products. However, since they introduced their other non-wallet products (like, key cover, notebook cover,...) I actually saw nothing of their innovation anymore. Just a bunch of normal products with ridiculous price.
Now they are here. "Bellroy Note Sleeve Designer Edition" - $169.
Yep, I want to buy them all, but I'm broke, sorry.
Will stick with the "Note Sleeve - Common People Edition" and other handmade wallets, not Bellroy.
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