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Foursevens Mini Mk II

Mikey Bautista
Foursevens Mini Mk II

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Sometimes you find the most impressive things in the most unassuming packages. Taking one look at the Foursevens Mini Mk II, you see a standard, compact flashlight. Pretty normal, until you realize that the light hides impressive technology and performance under its knurled exterior. The Mini Mk II squeezes a ton of functionality out of a single CR123A battery. And with a pocket-friendly size, it's a great addition to any everyday carry.

2.17 inches at 0.62 ounces. That's all the space the Foursevens Mini Mk II takes up. And it doesn't waste any of that space, either—from tip to tail, the light makes full use of its form factor. In its head lies a Cree XM-L2 LED paired with TIR optics, giving you a useful floody beam with 550 lumens on High. You can even configure its 8 outputs to choose which of them get activated while traversing its twisty interface, including strobe/beacon modes and a 0.8-lumen moonlight mode that lasts up to 19(!) days.

The Mini Mk II's aggressively knurled body comes with IPX8-rated water resistance, allowing you to submerge the light if needed (or survive an unfortunate fall into water). Its flat tail lets you use the light as a candle, and also comes with a groove to accommodate either a 2-way clip or a keyring attachment. These let you carry the light either in your pocket or clipped onto a hat, sitting alongside the rest of your keys, or attached to a bag.

However you choose to EDC it, the Foursevens Mini MK II will surprise you with its functionality at every turn.

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blueumbrella ·
I have many of these. I have one in my vehicle, in the bathrooms and every other room. I love the build quality, the perfect lumen output, and minimal size.
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