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Office Essentials for Your Pockets and Desk

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Everyday Carry
Office Essentials for Your Pockets and Desk

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For plenty of people most of the workday is spent at a desk or in the office. So an EDC that covers your bases in and out of the office might be the way to go. Whether you’re jotting down notes during a meeting or staying organized on the go, these tools were made to pull double-duty. Stay prepared and productive (or not so productive, your choice) with these desk essentials you can find from our friends at Huckberry.

Timex Expedition 

Armed with a handmade Horween leather button-stud strap, the Expedition's brass case is finished in your choice of polished brass, matte black, or silver — plus three unique watch face styles. Also features a scratch-resistant mineral-glass crystal, Indiglo night-light, and 50m water resistance.


Tactile Turn Slider

Machined from steel, brass, copper, and Damascus rods, Tactile Turn’s latest blend of form and function takes the retractable cartridge of a their click pen and upgrades it with bolt-action movement. Slide the bolt up or down with your thumb to smoothly click the pen. It’s an endlessly satisfying action for all the compulsive pen clickers out there, and it’s less likely than a regular pen to accidentally open in your pocket and spill ink. Plus, they all come in our favorite tough, CNC-machined metals — from copper and brass to standouts like zirconium and Damascus steel.


The Stash & Grafton Pen

The Grafton Pen and the Travel Stash work so well together, it’s almost as if it was meant to be. Separate they are something to behold, but when you combine the two it is truly something remarkable. These bundles will get that feeling into your hands so you can enjoy the pleasure of writing with a perfectly weighted, built-for-life pen in a notebook with a thick, oiled-leather cover that quite literally never runs out of pages.


This Is Ground Organizers

Don't carry less, carry smarter. That's been the mantra of This Is Ground through countless prototypes, at least two small explosions, and heaps of user feedback of their legendary Italian leather organizers. TIG integrated the most popular custom insert, the Executive Insert, right into the design this time around. They added depth while maintaining the slim profile with a custom-fitted Italian-made zipper. And with the included Tile tracker, simply pair your organizer with your phone to track its whereabouts anytime, anywhere. 10 pockets, 5 slots, 2 magnetic holders, and a ton more — all told, an all-in-one organizer built for a lifetime of work and play.


Trance Metals

Trance Metals makes some of the most remarkable tabletop ornaments available to the modern desk dweller. The Trance Sphere is their latest: a perfectly manufactured, surprisingly dense ball that’s a wonder to hold and behold. It's perfectly machined aerospace-grade copper is oligodynamic (kills germs on contact) and comes delivered in a vacuum-sealed container to preserve the 99.99% purity. Over time, as you handle it, the sphere will develop a unique patina over time, and can be reset to brilliancy using baking soda and water.


Forever Spin Tops 

The humble spinning top has captivated minds since the days of antiquity, with its elegance and simplicity as it dances gracefully across a surface. ForeverSpin brings the top’s timeless design into the 21st century by using modern manufacturing techniques and pure, strong metals to create a product that’s both handsome and surprisingly technical. Each top in their collection is precision machined in Canada from a solid block of metal, ranging from titanium to tungsten, and they’re all backed by a lifetime guarantee. A top is a great conversation starter to keep in your pocket, and a great item to keep on your desk for cooking up your next master plan.


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I am a big fan of the Timex Expedition Scout series of watches. Yes you can find them for $40 on Amazon. But IMO paired with a custom Horween leather strap, $75 out-of-the-box is a great deal. The straps alone range from $20-$80 depending on the customization, size, and quality. I picked up my custom Horween leather zulu strap from Choicecuts for $60, for example.

Also these watches have a brass case that hold up very well and will develop patina overtime. Dings and dents and the like that add character. A good pairing with a leather strap that also will patina in its own right.
Karl Hicks ·
That Trance Sphere looks so satisfying. Never knew I needed a ball of copper before now.
theboardedone ·
These are all things you can get elsewhere (amazon) only at a 20% markup.
Justin Cunningham ·
Good heavens this stuff is so very expensive.
Britt ·
Holy Trust Fund Baby Batman!
Efrain Suarez II ·
Agreed. The Time Expedition is a SOLID watch. They can be had for half that on Amazon.