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This Is Ground Tech Dopp Kit 2

Bernard Capulong
This Is Ground Tech Dopp Kit 2

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Dopp kits aren't just for lugging around a toothbrush and deodorant anymore. This Is Ground's latest riff on the essential travel staple, the Tech Dopp Kit 2, keeps your cable hygiene in check instead. They've taken their organizational expertise and brought it to a premium leather version of a dopp kit, designed specifically for all your portable tech, cables, and gear.

The organizer comes in three sizes to accommodate most tech carries, from just a few cables to a full-on mobile office's worth of accessories. All three sizes take on a structured, rectangular shape to give your gear ample protection inside and out. They're made from a durable and luxurious vegtan cowhide leather in five smart, neutral colors.

And while they look great on the outside, it's what's inside that counts after all. The kits unzip to open flat—clamshell style—giving you a neat and clear top-down look at your gear. Small leather loops keep your cables tangle-free, while larger loops secure larger items like hard drives, batteries, and small cameras. Lastly, loose items tuck away safely into an internal leather zip pouch.

As far as gear organizers go, the Tech Dopp Kit 2 is a premium item. It doesn't come cheap, but it's likely the nicest thing you'll pack all your expensive electronics into. See it in action, in all its different colors, sizes, and packing configurations at the link below.

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Drew ·
Great article. Also, I see some sweet headphones in there. That brings a question to mind, Buyers Guide for EDC Headphones? I just got back to college so I'm looking for some good ones to throw in my bag.
Bernard Capulong ·
Good idea, Drew. The ones in the photos are Grado SR-80s, probably not the best to use on campus as the sound can leak in and out. We'll look around B)
Marc Gaudet ·
I can recommend 3 to look at if you are looking for noise canceling.

1 - audio technica Audio Technica ATH-ANC9 or anc7 QuietPoint sub 200$ pretty good noise canceling, and pretty good bass I had the anc7s for close to four years till a cabbi launched my backpack too hard into his trunk.
2 - next level up boss qc25 300-400$ best noise canceling they fold very small and the sound is OK(nothing wrong, just dead on but not noticeably Wow), the bass isn't as good as the audio technicas but i needed them more for noise canceling. (my wife runs a home daycare I can say with certainty the noise canceling works)
3 sony makes some pretty good headphone a friend had some and the sound was some of the best i heard only problem is I can't remember what the model number was test out the different models.

My best advice is get to a store to "audition" them, bring your phone or ipod and test out the different gendres you listen to, pick out 2-3 songs you know well that will show you how the bass, highs and mids will be reproduced and go listen to music for a while. you'll know which pair is the ones for you when your ears tell you. Don't let the salesguy tell you pair X is the best because you might just love the cheapest one and that's just fine. also know what you need, if you need noise canceling overeverything else you might have to be ready to make a compromise on sound or if sound quality is paramount you might have to get lower quality noise canceling. or just get ready to fork out a tone of money you can have it all but it gets expensive :)

Also if it's for EDC I'm going to recommend you not get a bluetooth set of noisecanceling. you can only charge them via usb, i'm a fan of AAA batteries for this type of toy. When they run out you swap em end of story. You need a new battery fast any store has em. I have a Bluetooth set that will not hold a charge anymore and you can't change those batteries easily or at all sometimes. if you are paying more than 100$ for something the batteries should be changeable. but that's just my 2 cents.

Anyways hopes this helps.