Office Tray!

Athens, Greece
An alteration of my usual simple EDC ...

The Pretorian is a best of a knife, but at $700+ I am afraid to use it ... I love it, I absolutely love it but I do not see how it can do more stuff than my Emerson Super Roadhouse at les than half that price. But I love the Pretorian.

The G5 is not the same as the one in previous post, I just got this of the last run and is almost double as thick. Functions as a knuck better than the thiner version.

Finally the Nerdy EDC Tray. What can I say ... custom would perfectly executed! Love it!

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Yep , the Praetorian is a beast of a knife!
Don't be to shy to use it , signs of use make it only more attractive!
Already bet the hell out of mine, there is nothing what breaks or get loose, and the oxide coating on the blade only shows little signs of use. Sharpening the D2 is easy and it is razor sharp again!
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Yes!!! Custom made! "NerdyEDC" is a wizard!