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Win an All-Black EDC Kit from Urban EDC Supply!

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Everyday Carry
Win an All-Black EDC Kit from Urban EDC Supply!

Update: Congrats to Christopher Z., winner of this week's giveaway! Thanks everyone who participated, and stay tuned for more chances to win gear like this on Everyday Carry.

Finding the right set of gear for your everyday carry is only half the battle. How you carry it all is just as important. These days, one of the best ways to consolidate and protect your essentials is by using an EDC gear organizer. And today, our good friends at Urban EDC Supply are giving away one of their Urban Organizers, fully kitted out with all-black gear! This exclusive, all-black EDC kit comes complete with $379 worth of gear to cover your write, light, and slice bases in style. The Urban Organizer also functions beautifully as a passport travel wallet (minus the knife, of course!). Enter for your chance to win this stylish kit below courtesy of our sponsor, Urban EDC Supply.

The Prize Up For Grabs

One lucky winner will receive an all-black urban EDC kit of the following gear:

  1. Urban Organizer ($99)
    A quality leather gear organizer for your write, slice, and light essentials.

  2. Field Notes Lunacy - 3 Pack (Limited Edition) ($13)
    A limited special edition of the crowd-favorite EDC notebook, featuring cut-outs in the cover to reveal a design based on the different phases of the moon.

  3. BNdot Pen ($69)
    A sturdy everyday jotter crafted from stainless steel with a clip mechanism specially designed to never loosen or deploy while in your pocket for a worry-free carry.

  4. Quiet Carry Strand ($139)
    A titanium framelock folding knife with a practical, minimalist aesthetic to match.

  5. Prometheus Lights Beta-QR ($59)
    One of the best lights you can EDC right now, period. Featuring an EDC-friendly quick release mechanism in an already compact 1xAAA form factor.

Total Prize Package Value: $379

How to Enter

We're running the giveaway here on the site until the end of the week, 12:00pm EDT on Friday, April 14th. Make sure you're logged in, and find the full details and entry requirements by clicking on the button below. Good luck everyone, and carry on!

This contest has ended.

This contest is sponsored by Urban EDC Supply.

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Bill Andrews ·
Hello! Great Give away, black is always in style. Also what about a give away for tax day centering on money clips and wallets? I may not have any money but I'll have the chance to win a great looking wallet. Thanks Bill
Onno ·
Awesome EDC Kit! Absolutely love it!
Dirk Frentzel ·
WOW, very cool EDC. Thanks for this and good luck to all. :-)
Vasujith Dharwar ·
Love the black theme! Good luck everyone :)
Addi ·
Brill giveaway, good luck everyone.
Kurtis ·
Will I have any troubles having this giveaway shipped to Canada? Not sure about the laws...
Will ·
Fantastic giveaway! Love the curation on this one.
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