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The James Brand Hook Keychain

Jonathan Tayag
The James Brand Hook Keychain

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Sometimes your pockets aren't the best place to put your keys. There's the space issue, for one. When you've got your trusty EDC knife clipped to your pocket, with your flashlight clipped next to that, and your pen clipped next to that… you get the idea. With only so much room in your pockets, hanging your keys off your belt loop is your best bet — and the Hook from The James Brand is a new piece of gear to help you do it.

It's not just a hook for your keys, but also a solid machined 304 stainless steel multi-tool. Aside from keeping your keys out of your pockets, it doubles as an inch ruler and bottle opener. And unlike some other tiny minimalist tools, the bottle opener on the Hook has enough leverage to to use comfortably.

Handiness and convenience aren't the only things the Hook has going for it. It also has a raw, unpolished look that lends a bit of grittiness and character to your EDC. Or, for a stealthier option, you can pick one up in a matte black finish as well. Get one in stainless steel at the link below.


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