USCG on watch at Vessel Traffic Service Los Angeles-Long Beach

Military (age 33)
Los Angeles, CA
I forgot to throw my watch down, oh well. This is the stuff I do the pat-check for when I leave the house or my desk.

No electronic devices allowed while you're at the display monitoring vessel traffic, so I've found the fidget toy helps me cope with the modern desire to check social media or play games. (The phone just stays in my pocket or on my desk.)

The flashlight that's built into the TPC Pocket Clip has been the most useful addition to my carry in a long time. It's made walking my dog at night or in the early morning that much easier - no need to remember a flashlight, it's on my keys.

For those that might care - the chart in the background is NOAA's 18746 - San Pedro Channel; Dana Point Harbor

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Nice carry. How do you like the key cover?