B-2 Nano Blade

B-2 Nano Blade

"If you’ve been carrying a 3- to 4-inch bladed folding knife in your EDC rotation, you know that even titanium can’t overcome the bulk factor of such a cutter. Bomber & Company engineers have overcome that obstacle with the B-2 Nano Blade, the world’s smallest tactical pocket knife (note: it’s much smaller than it looks). Inspired by the B-2 Stealth Bomber, the Nano Blade is concealable, tough, and utilitarian meets badass. The Nano’s blade is split with serrated and sharp edges utilizing a chisel ground and..." (via GearHungry)

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The ZT0450 is over 3" and extremely slim. Also the basic version is titanium scales.
Wow. I was never interested in carrying a knife until now. Just based on size and design it looks fantastic and simple enough to meet any basic need for knife. I've had plenty of Kickstarter duds and although $25 seems reasonable I'm not waiting until Feb 2018 to get it. I'm sure there is something comparable on the market right now and probably better. Suggestions?
I second the Micro Recon1. Add a pocket clip and it is the perfect small task knife
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