Pencilest EDC Mechanical Pencil

Pencilest EDC Mechanical Pencil

"Artists, doodlers, architects, and anyone else who likes to draw in graphite will love this collapsible 2.0mm mechanical pencil which hides inside of an aluminum tube on your keychain until..." (via TheAwesomer)

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The Pencilest EDC Mechanical Pencil is a "neat" concept but in reality flawed. Think about it. You've got an idea and need to quickly write it down or draw it out. You've elected to carry your your new Pencilest EDC Mechanical Pencil and you reach for it. You unscrew the cap then unscrew the pencil then you screw the pencil back into the base and now finally you can....Oh wait what was I going to write/draw? The Schon Pen design is a better approach as it is simple and extremely quick. The Pencilest EDC Mechanical Pencil is just too complicated and time consuming. Why not just carry a Rotring 600 or 800 as it would be simpler and quicker.
Cause you cant carry it on a key ring and its a little too big for your pocket. Great pencils tho. Nice reco's J.S. I have them but they are in my admin pouch.
You are correct, but why not just carry a Kaweco Sketch Up Clutch Lead Holder?

My point being, if I have to go through 4-5 steps to access and use the pencil the novelty of it being pocketable or keychained is destroyed. The Kaweco is pocketable. The Rotring is as well. I use to carry mine in my back pocket, shirt and jacket pocket. It's a "neat" concept but needs to be reworked so that it requires just a simple remove cap, reattach cap to base ( 2 simple steps) to use. 4 steps/moves is just too many for an EDC pencil.
Another great pencil. I have a few of these. I like the pencilest because it can be put on a ring. I've carried my pocket dump on rings without destruction. The 4-5 steps is a non-issue IMO. But again, I would carry both, the pencilest first tier and the kaweco second tier (off body). But I like your taste in pencil brother. Cheers.