Monday Rainy Day Carry

J.S. Leonard
I know the Spider Monkey is getting ALOT of rotation. But D∆Mπ if it ain't sexy. You've got to see it and handle it in the flesh to truly appreciate the quality and thought that went into it's design. So yeah, I like it.

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Mike ·
It's refreshing to see an EDC that doesn't follow the trend of high priced factory made items. The two knives are nice but it is the fixed blade Kerry Allen custom that really stands out. I hope that you have a decent pancake leather knife sheaf to hold it in. From personal experience be careful not to drop the Martac flashlight, they really don't take drops onto hard surfaces too well. I know, you will probably never drop it. As for me, I'm clumsy

Thanks for sharing this.
Kevin J Meyer ·
Uhh, I was looking for the 'Schon' pen for quite some time now, but forgot the name! Thanks for sharing your EDC, J.S.!
Ben ·
1965 is vintage these days? I'm sure you're making some people feel old. :)
J.S. Leonard ·
LOL! Yeah 20 years or older is vintage.