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KeySmart Lite

Adam Molina
KeySmart Lite

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No one enjoys the jangled mess that keys can become. Luckily there are plenty of options available to savvy EDC’ers to help keep them from becoming a jangled mess in your pocket. One of the first and best to do this was the KeySmart, with its clever design that lets you carry smarter and slimmer. The KeySmart Lite takes the same great design but outfits it in a lighter, softer, and more flexible material for an even more comfortable carry.

The key to EDC is a practical carry that suits your many different needs, and versatility is what the KeySmart Lite is best at. By unscrewing the metal screws and taking apart its polycarbonate plastic frame, you can stack up to 8 keys in its basic configuration. Even if you’re not the average key wielder, you can make use of extensions which will let you carry up to 100 keys without a giant medieval key ring.

But house keys aren’t the only items the KeySmart Lite is good for. You can also attach that annoying key fob for your car thanks to an attachment loop. Besides keys, there are plenty of accessory options to really get the most out of your key carrying gadget. You can add a key-sized USB stick so you’ll never forget any important documents behind, or a bottle opener and small pocket flashlight to cut down bulk even further.

If you’re looking for a way to silently carry your keys or add some useful tools to them, the KeySmart Lite is a solid option. Add some organization to your carry by clicking the link below.

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Omega ·
A very useful tool to hold many keys, i see a purchase in my future
Andrew ·
My comment stems from having to tighten my Keysmart's screws every day and then it one day puking out all my keys and it's hardware on ground in parking lot. Key smart didn't want to replace so it went in the trash.

Haven't had to tighten the key bar screws once and it's been perfect.
Ken ·
Have owned one of these for about 4 months. I love the fact that it silences the key jangle, I will say I constantly make sure the screws are tight on it though. I did spring for the loop/bottle opener to make it even more useful. To comment on Andrews post, keybar does make a seemingly great product, but at a definitely higher price. I say buy this keysmart for the $10 and see if you like the concept, that way if you do upgrade and if you don't your only out $10 not $45.
Maid Madsen ·
In an alternative stance to Andrew. I bought one of these about a week ago for my fiancee and it works perfectly. She holds 5 keys plus the included loop. The screw need a bit of tightening every few days but I've never needed more than my finger nail to sure everything back up.
Andrew ·
This thing was total junk. Kept falling apart. Do yourself a favor and get a keybar instead. Haven't had a single problem with it and it looks better to my eye.
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