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Benchmade 560 Freek

Jonathan Tayag
Benchmade 560 Freek

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When it comes to your EDC knife, having the right grip on it can make all the difference. A good grip grants more control, which makes cutting tasks both easier and safer. The new Benchmade 560 Freek, with its dual polymer handle, gives you the kind of precise control you want out of your EDC blade.

It starts with the simple yet reliable blade opening and lock on this knife. The thumbstud on the 3.6" S30V blade offers easy one-handed opening. That blade stays locked in place during even hard use via Benchmade's signature ambidextrous AXIS lock. The blade itself also has jimping at the spine, giving you fine control during precision tasks.

But the real source of control is the dual-polymer handle on this knife. It's made of a combination of lightweight and grippy Grivory and Versaflex polymers. The handle materials are also cut in a diamond and striped pattern for more texture to grip. And the handle is large enough for your fingers to wrap around it for a firm grip.

The Benchmade 560's superior ergonomics will help you make quick work out of any cutting tasks ahead of you. Grab one for yourself at the link below.

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Besh ·
Is it just me or did Benchmade just sneakily bring back the Mel Purdue mini-grip blade with a better handle?
Mike ·
While this knife gets points for looks there are two little things that give me pause when looking it is.

First while the bade steel is good the size isn't. It's a personal preference that the blades on the knives I carry aren't big enough to attract attention. A 3.6 inch blade tends to be a magnet for do-gooder complaints as I learned carrying a ZT-350 with a 3.5 inch blade.

Then there is the lock... The locking mechanism relies on spring tension and springs wear out. Much better if they had used a liner lock or a Chris Reeves style lock.

Don't get me wrong this is a nice knife, it just ain't for me.
Eugene Lempert ·
agreed on the blade length. as for the mechanism I've a benchmade 940 from 2000 that is still going strong YMMV
Mike ·
I guess I'm biases against this type of lock up from my experience carrying a SOG visionary which has the same type of lock just a different name. The lock spring became loose after a year and a bit to the point where I didn't trust the knife. So now it sits in a drawer. Oh well you live and learn... or you don't live long. :^)