Exotac nanoSPARK

Samuel Petri
Hype Beast (age 35)
Jackson, Wyoming
Exotac nanoSPARK - $22 - Being able to start a fire is crucial in any survival situation and Exotac makes some of the finest fire starters out there. Made in the USA, the nanoSPARK is designed to function with one hand, aim the nanoSPARK towards your tinder and spin the flint wheel to ignite it. At times, finding viable tinder may be somewhat difficult. Conveniently, the nanoSPARK features a built-in tinder storage capsule. The capsule also has room for an additional flint or two. The nanoSPARK capsule is waterproof and keeps the tinder dry. If the flint wheel gets wet, a few strong blows will clear off the standing water and it's ready to light! Back it on Kickstarter today: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/exotac/exotac-nanospark

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