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Victorinox Pioneer Olive Alox 2017 Limited Edition

Bernard Capulong
Victorinox Pioneer Olive Alox 2017 Limited Edition

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If there's one piece of kit that can work its way into any EDC, it'd be a Swiss Army Knife. You probably already own one for its handy set of tools in an all-in-one package. With all the different models, sizes, colors, and tool configurations of Swiss Army Knives, they've become a popular collectible in the carry community. This year's limited edition release is equipped to tick all the right boxes as a new crowd favorite: a pocket-friendly 93mm size, durable and slim Alox scales, and best of all, a classic olive drab green color to accent any carry style.

The new olive digs come to one of the most well-rounded models of the Swiss Army Knife in the Pioneer. It's sized just right for all-around use in the hand and in the pocket at 3.5” long and half an inch thick. The Pioneer offers an excellent tool set for general EDC utility: a large main blade, a reamer/punch for poking, a combination can opener/small screwdriver, and a combination large screwdriver/bottle opener/wire stripper. Lastly, a keyring attachment gives you the option of tossing it on your keys or outfitting it with a paracord lanyard for better retrieval, grip, and emergency utility.

If you find the Pioneer too big for your EDC needs, you can also opt for the smaller Cadet or keychain-sized Classic Swiss Army Knives in the limited edition olive green Alox finishes as part of this year's release. Check out the Pioneer at the link below.

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Besh ·
The Cadet is the way to go for sure. It's part of my carry 7 days a week. I find the file more frequently useful than a reamer.