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Timex iQ+ Move

Jonathan Tayag
Timex iQ+ Move

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As if keeping on top of your fitness goals wasn't hard enough, try passing off a fitness tracker as an EDC watch. Unless you're mid-workout, they stick out like a sore thumb and can be hard to mesh with your day-to-day style. Plus, most of them don't really look like watches, so it's hard to even tell the time at a glance with one. With their new iQ+ Move, Timex put their experience with traditional watch design at the forefront and gave it a modern update with smart fitness tracker features.

The iQ+ Move has a legible three-hand face to tell the time. A smaller dial shows the state of the current activity you're tracking. You can use it to keep track of metrics like steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned.

And it does this while looking like a stylish watch instead of a tech “wearable” on your wrist. You can choose from a wide variety of case, face, and strap designs to suit your fancy. The iQ+ Move straps swap out easily too, giving you some extra versatility and wearability from the watch.

If you've held off on getting a fitness tracker because you can't pull off the sporty look, give the iQ Move a shot, available at the link below.

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Anibal Perez ·
There's also the Timex Metropolitan+
Bit classier looking for roughly the same price
Kevin ·
This is an ideal watch for myself who was thinking to buy a minimal design watch or smart watch.