Lost City of Z

Kentwood, LA
Doing more reading on my day off. I have two new items in today's carry. I grabbed me a Para 3 off of Massdrop. The price was just too good to pass up. I really like the feel of it so far. It truly is a good size for EDC. I also picked up a limited edition SAK. I saw the ad on this site and snagged me one. I have always wanted a Victorinox that was a different color than the usual. The olive drab is absolutely sick on this pioneer. Looking forward to putting some wear and tear on these dudes. Hope everyone has a great weekend full of great carries. Enjoy guys.

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And the fact that is a real book with pages and ink awesoome carry though.
I am a fan of holding and reading a real book. I am also a huge fan of audiobooks. I've never been able to get into ebooks or a kindle. However I do encourage people to read in whatever outlet you prefer. Soak knowledge up anyway you can get it.
everynody trying to work to get that beach body but nobody cares about the intelligent mind, have to soak up the knowledge just like you said
Aint that the truth
Love the minimalism here.