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SOG Baton Q2

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SOG Baton Q2

It used to be that carrying a multi-tool meant putting up with bulky pockets to cover your bases. Even then, your options were either overly tactical looking or chock full of tools you'd rarely use. But what about the minimalists and urban EDCers who want a tool that looks as good as it performs? For that, the tool experts at SOG teamed up with design powerhouse IDEO to produce their new award-winning Baton series of everyday carry tools. The Baton Q2 packs in only the most essential functions in a stylish, modern form factor not much bigger than a marker.

Upon first glance, you'll notice the Baton Q2 takes on a sleeker, lower profile design that blends in better with the rest of your urban carry compared to your standard tactical multi-tool. Its two-tone anodized aluminum body weighs just 3 ounces and measures in at 6.3” long, giving it a shape and feel much like an ink marker. Combined with its screw-on pocket clip, the Baton Q2 can pack away easily in your pocket, a pen slot in your bag, or strapped into a larger pouch organizer.

The Baton Q2 conceals four essential tools from end to end. At the bottom of the Q2 lies a twisty LED flashlight with a groove-textured head for easy activation. It packs a respectable 75 lumens as its single mode, providing enough brightness for general purpose use. At 75 lumens, it's not a battery-draining, blinding burst of brightness, but it can compete with the ambient light in your urban environment.

On the other end you'll find a handy combination medium flathead screwdriver and bottle opener. Given the Baton Q2's longer form factor, you'll get plenty of leverage for cracking open a cold one with the boys and a familiar grip when turning screws.

Last but not least, you can fold the Baton Q2 in half to reveal its 2.5” 5Cr15MoV straight edge blade. When fully deployed, the folded handle gives you a fuller grip for precise control of the knife. And unlike some other multi-tools, you can deploy the knife with one hand right out of the pocket.

With its pocket-friendly form factor, thoughtful set of tools, and sleek urban styling, the Baton Q2 makes for a solid addition to any modern minimalist's kit. Grab one from SOG's website via the link below.

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Omega ·
Strange, but an interesting contraction there. though bulky it might have some good use provided you have the pocket spaces for it, how ever i think i shall stick to my key chain multi tools
Omega ·
Also!, it might actually weigh you down when running.
Bas ·
That thing looks weird...
Efrain Suarez II ·
I actually like it. I can fit that in my EDC rotation.
Bas ·
It could've been really cool if it fitted a scewdriver with bit set. Now Its just a light and knife
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Mike ·
I've learned from bitter experience to stay away from knives with flash and this knife has plenty in the literal and proverbial sense. I've had 2 SOG knives fail me at critical times over the years so I'll stick with the Leatherman Crunch that I already have thank you.
Efrain Suarez II ·
That is sad to hear Mike. I've used SOG for more than 10 plus years and zero failures. They have held up in urban, rural, seasonal and arid environments.
Jonathan ·
Any idea what battery the flashlight takes. No details in the article or the product page. I would assume a AAA based on the size and lumens.
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