Everyday Carry of My Ancestors

I had a dream the other night about this exact arrangement of objects and tonight here it is. What you see before you is the #everydaycarry of my grandfather, both great grandfathers, my great great grandpa, my great grandmother and my dad. They always carried a pocket knife for when things needed to get done and even when they didn't smoke they always lit a cigarette for a lady.
I found this wooden cigar box among my dads things tonight and want to remember this moment and share it so that my family will have it. Everything you see here was buried under matchbox cars - just wow
only 2 or maybe 3 other times in my life have i seen these objects and that would have been last around the age of 12. Skip Farrow
Katie Farrow Grant Carson Scroggs Kinsey L. Scroggs Staci Farrow Scroggs
If anyone knows anything about the objects please share.

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