river bottoms carry

Electrician (age 46)
Forney, Texas
this is the kit i typically carry with me into the river bottoms to go 4 wheeling .

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'yota fj? I have a 4 link '76 CJ7 on Rockwell 60's w/38 super swampers...pushing 450hspwr out of the original AMC inline 6 on a twin stick and H pass 4 speed..I can start it in L2 without the clutch engaged and walk next to it...I don't see alot of fj's out there anymore...mud it up bro...
NICE .....that 1 is a 72 FJ with a super charged 350 in it ...lol !!
That Falcon looks to be packed for anything they throw at you Danny, great set-up!
Amazing what you guys are allowed to carry with you in terms of hardware!
alot of time ,trial an error ,experience has been put in on getting that pack where it is now ...its got a little bit of everything ..2 extra mags for my AR on the outside pocket for easy/quick access, extra fishing gear ...3 meal MRE package and energy bars ,life straw ,extra socks a comprehensive 1st aid kit ,fixed blade knife and a big heavy duty folder ,a double bit hatchet ,paracord and mule tape ,multiple fire starters ,rain poncho,small precision tool kit w/2 punch's & extra pins an springs for my AR as well as 2 extra mags for my 9mm ,2 speed loaders for the 357 revolver ,gloves ,among other small items... its not uncommon for us to spend the night in the river bottoms so its good for at least 2-3 days for myself an my wife....i do change it up a little bit between summer an winter ...if by hardware you mean firearms this is Texas so pretty much anything goes...rifle and or shotgun & handgun are standard for most of us who live out in the country !!
ooo...and the tubes you see on the front [top left]of the pack are bug bite treatment and preventative spray ...those 2 small items are MUST HAVE ...especially going into the river bottoms where at times the mosquito's an the biting fly's among other harsh stinging insects can be extreme this time of year !!
ill get a better pic of the pack today ...we will most likely be heading into the river bottoms this evening like we do nearly every Friday / weekend ....we meet up with friends and other locals there just about every weekend for a few beers an some good fun in the mud pits with our trucks !!
Hey Danny, sure appreciate you taking the time to give me the lowdown on
that Falcon! Very recognizable the trial and error you've gone through to get
it perfect I have exactly the same thing with my mountaneering pack when I go to the Alps! Looking forward to a post on the Falcon. And yes I meant your firearms, simply love the way you guys are allowed to carry, unimaginable in Belgium though. Have a great weekend brother!
i finally posted an updated pic for you brother ...i hope its a little better quality than the last 1 !
GO, MAN!!!!!

used a falcon for a number of years, lately using a Maxpedition sling bag. bought two Falcons when discounted, they are bug out bags for me&the wife.

lotta good iron in that foto ;))

its a great bag ...it holds far more stuff than i actually need on a daily basis but its in my truck or sitting next to me everyday ..and thank you !!