My Everyday Carry Essentials

General Manager, APAC
For many years I used a bulky back-pocket wallet, carrying more things than I needed. I decided to scale down to a minimalist. slim, from-pocket wallet for greater comfort, security, and more room in my pockets for the EDC essentials. Couldn't find what I wanted so I designed my own wallet with detachable money clip, which I just launched on Kickstarter ( http://kck.st/2tjSh2U ). Anyway, I love my new wallet along with my other EDC essentials.

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Nice EDC, and great wallet! I hope you hit your Kickstarter goal!
Get caught with that knife in the Lion City and you're in serious trouble big boy. I'm sure you already know this if you're based there. I spent 19 years living there and I can tell you for a fact that no sort of carry is tolerated whatsoever, regardless of what potential minor loopholes you may think the law may allow for. Authoritarian city state, but a very safe one.
Fantastic EDC! I have the exact same watch. But at 51 years old now, it is getting harder to read in dim light.