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Chicago, IL
When I am in NYC it is never for fun... I would never come here if they didn't pay me to.

The only good thing about NYC is that the food servers are on fire/crack like the 80s is back. Servers here, are the only people that work for a living and understand that Capitalism is the solution for the mediocrity of the looter/moocher culture that is NYC... they essentially work for cash and understand the need for limited governments.

NYC for work expects that a man to be well appointed in appearance and dress. The dowel top case screams "old school, bout to make a deal, press hard that's 5 pages sales rep just showed up to close s&%$" The Ben Shermans are, however fancy, still boots and therefore made to kick ass while taking business cards; plus they are liable to set a suit on fire.

The rest are well traveled worn and needed anywhere.

NYC Looter moochers... I saw a guy wearing a Che Shirt and loudly praising Cuba while illegally selling fake bubble backs, for cash only mind you... F him for being a hypocrite. Bet he doesn't pay taxes, despite talking like he loves communism, soo F much he could F it. (And yes, i was actually wearing an " I ❤️ Capitalism" Tshirt while writing this).

I will give an additional big FU to NYC as I cannot, legally, carry a firearm here (Even though I personally pay for logging more continued training time and just might outshoot most to all NYCPD officers plus I am a Veteran, Citizen, Etc.)... Also you cannot, debatably, carry a spring assisted knife... This regardless of NYC's inability to provide a safe city.

I have resorted to jogger Mace with UV ID dye and a 10 dollar knock off of a Sebenza, by Sanremu it is a Chinese non assisted frame lock folder, which does actually rock pretty hard.

Not pictured, watch and glasses... can't see without one, forgot to take the other off for photo op.

Sorry for the soap boxing... NYC, in short, pisses me off... I am a Citizen and nobody's subject, I cannot stand when my rights are limited or infringed. The Proddy in me wants to be left alone and questions everything.

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