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I've been nurturing the guts of this bag for a long time now, lurking here to find ideas on how to organise my bag better. This is the setup I've settled on for now, as it provides a fairly quick access to my camera, and I'm not worried about anything falling.

The bottle hangs on the outside, hooked on a grimlock carabiner, just in case it leaks inside the bag.

The camera has an extra layer of protection thanks to a peak design cover not pictured here.

I've been way too obsessive about the organisation of my bag, I am now known for buying bags that go into bags...they don't understand the struggle :)

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mathOne ·
Really cool, I'm interested in how it packs into the bag, I've tried to use those boards before but they always seem awkward to get into the bag. Like do they on top of the other stuff, or under it?

You should post a pic of it packed :)
Dara ·
I'll see if I can post a picture that would make more sense, I have a couple somewhere I think.
Basically nothing really overlaps except the camera over the BC pouch. The control panel is attached in the loops on top inside the bag, so is the GPP pouch. I've left room on the control panel with that in mind.
The GPP has my diary, pen, and USB cable. The external battery and leatherman go in the S1 pouches, the card reader, adapter and spare battery are in the BC pouch (kind of puts the camera straight in the bag). The rest goes in the integrated zipped pockets of the Litespeed.
Qawy Hamzah ·
yes finally, a bag into bag guy, been looking into that idea also
Gerald Woller ·
Great set up you have! It looks very similar to mine. I use my X-T2 and GoPro Hero 3+ with my iPad mini for quick shoots or to show clients. I carry it all in my Camelbak HAWG.