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Nitecore Concept 1

Mikey Bautista
Nitecore Concept 1

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There's a reason some of the best flashlights you can EDC use an 18650 battery. Simply put, it pushes the limits of sheer power and runtime for its size. But even with such high performance, few lights that use one truly stand out—until now. Nitecore's latest and greatest 18650 flashlight, the Concept 1, is here to shake things up. It combines cutting edge flashlight tech with a sleek “gent's carry” design to bring you one of the most compact and powerful lights for EDC.

Modern LEDs have a knack for exponentially pushing the envelope, and the Concept 1's isn't any different. It uses one of the latest emitters from Cree—the XHP35 HD E2—which when combined with either an 18650 or 2 x CR123A batteries, can output an insane 1800 lumens up to 220 meters. Pretty good for an 18650 light measuring only 4.39” and weighing only 2.18 ounces, one of the smallest lights of its type. It saves space by moving its switch to its side, letting you control its 5 brightness levels and 3 special modes with a few simple taps.

The Concept 1 comes in a dual-textured design that's sleek as it slips and clips into your pocket but knurled on the tail for a better grip while in use. This minimalist look belies a tough construction that can resist impacts up to 1.5 meters and water submersion up to 2 meters thanks to its IPX8 rating. The Concept 1 also takes advantage of its size for excellent everyday use, thanks to its stainless steel clip and magnetic tailcap, giving you illumination as needed whether in your hands or lighting the way hands-free.

Nitecore continues to blaze trails with interesting and powerful lights, marrying tech and carry-friendly features in the Concept 1. Pick up this 18650 powerhouse from the Amazon link below.

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Swarf ·
I'd pay extra to not have "special" modes. The only person I end up strobing or bat-signaling is myself.
Daniel C. Daugherty ·
Yep. Give me three at most. Very Low, low to medium, and turbo... but more importantly why can not more of these offer pocket safe switches? Yes, you can unscrew them 1/2 turn but so many of these will otherwise come up inside a pocket or bag.
Robert -White Feather ·
Looks like a cool light, I wish they would offer more with the warm Nichia LED, would lose some lumens but I'd go for that!
You have to unscrew the battery cap Everytime you put it in a bag or pocket
Bas ·
It aahh... Does it load via USB?