Zoo Keeper

ranch hand (age 21)
Overhills, North Carolina
As a Zoo Keeper/Ranch Hand on an animal rescue reserve, my gear has to be able withstand heavy abuse. From rain and heat, to sand and grime, these tools are flat out reliable. Everything here is tried and tested, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

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Does that fixed blade sit nice horizontally like that? And where on your belt do you traditionally carry it? I was looking at picking up a similar, if not the same knife and was wonder how it functioned.
I have it so it sits directly behind me, scout style. At first I had an issue with it sagging, but a change of belts worked. To me, it is a tad to long for traditional carry, as it gets in the way for some tasks. All around solid knife, would recommend.
still have my "Safe Hunter" patch- Ohio, 1968. Issued by Game Warden Terry Welch.