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Tyson ·
First: I miss my iPod classic everyday...I never should have sold it.
Second: How are the 8323 headphones? I've been eyeing them for a while, and Monoprice has never disappointed me.. But I'm always cautious when buying new headphones
Cole ·
Thank you! The headphones are great! They sound awesome, however, first: if you have big ears, you might want to upgrade the earpads. They are better for smaller ears but super easy to replace. Second: the headband pads suck. it feels like they are pressing down on your head. not hard to add your own pads, I am planning on doing it soon. Overall, great sound and you can't beat the price.
ThreePercenter ·
Just having an iPod classic puts you on my good list ;)
Cole ·
Thanks! I find that they have a much better sound quality than my phone. This is actually my 3rd one. 1st was stolen and 2nd broke. I hope this one lasts a long time
Gren ·
cool griptillian i like the color
Cole ·
Thank you!!