Heavy Pockets

C Nathaniel Von Lind
Maker (age 34)
Coeur d Alene, Idaho
All that brass and bronze makes for some heavy gear. But the quality and the comments received from people always makes it worth it. The recently added Ancon Sea Shadow Mark 3 in bronze is a real beauty and has attracted a lot of attention. Now just to wait for the natural patina to develop on it. The Lodestar Spinner is a new item, freshly minted at the machine shop and available for pre-order on the first wave at the Folkland website. The minimal Port Wallet is a couple years old, and ages beyond belief in the Horween Shell Cordovan leather. (Save 10% at checkout by using EVERYDAYCARRY.COM as a coupon)

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- http://instagram.com/craftnlore
- http://instagram.com/folklandbrand

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Great! Please could share the link where I bought the spinner and the coin. Thanks U!
Jason Biggs ·
You are my spirit animal.
C Nathaniel Von Lind ·
Haha thanks Jason
J.S. Leonard ·
As usual my friend, very nice!
C Nathaniel Von Lind ·
Thanks JS!