Blackout Bouncer

Zachary Scholl
Annapolis, Maryland
I am a full time student, and bouncer on the weekends (hence the blacklight). Just about everything gets used every day. I love music and take those earbuds with me everywhere for use when I'm working or studying. The trayvax wallet is a relatively new addition but I love it as my wallet was the only thing in my kit that wasn't black. The Keyton came with the wallet as some promotion they were doing and I just think it looks cool, but I use the bottle opener on my dime over the one hidden in the leather. The knife finds general utility use daily as does the dime (mostly the pliers). The Fisher space pen is usually used to write checks or sign things, and the Zippo is just nice to have. I don't smoke but sometimes cute girls need a light. Finally the flashlight is used daily on my walk from the bar I bounce at. You never realize how often you need a flashlight till you start carrying one.

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