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Maxpedition Veldspar

Jonathan Tayag
Maxpedition Veldspar

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If you've been holding out on EDCing a tactical bag because of the way they look, we understand. Not everyone wants to stand out in a crowd. Camouflage and webbing might be useful in the field, but it can put a target on your back in an urban environment. Maxpedition's Veldspar shoulder bag brings the brand's signature tactical functionality to a lower profile design, perfect for EDC in the city.

It's slim, streamlined, and far from how you'd picture a standard tactical bag to look. Even if it doesn't have MOLLE everywhere, it'll still perform with the best of them. Instead, a laser-cut attachment lattice on the exterior of the pack provides some subtle modularity and nylon webbing on the inside of the bag offers more familiar organization options. A sturdy 1000/500D Teflon-coated nylon makes up the rest of the bag, while YKK zippers throughout ensure easy and reliable access to your gear through daily use.

At 8L in capacity it's just the right size to supplement your pocket space for the rest of your everyday essentials. You even can carry a tablet in the main compartment, a water bottle on the side, and security pocket for stashing valuables or your CCW. With so much organizational space, the Veldspar can help de-clutter your carry as well and keep everything in its place.

With the Veldspar you can step up to carrying a tactical bag without committing to a tactical look. Pick one up and try it out for yourself at the link below.

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Todd Brogowski ·
For the price, I think I would want it to be big enough to carry a laptop; I'm not sure it can do that.