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KeySmart Rugged Titanium

Adam Molina
KeySmart Rugged Titanium

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Carrying keys in your pockets isn’t only uncomfortable, it also takes up valuable pocket space. The original KeySmart was great at slimming down your keys into an easy to carry solution, but there’s always room for improvement. What happens when you combine one of the most popular key holders with everyone's favorite metal? You get the KeySmart Rugged Titanium, a tougher version of the popular key management tool that’s found its way into the pockets of EDCers.

The new and improved KeySmart Rugged now sports a titanium build, which means you don’t have to worry about daily wear and tear. The front and back plates are slightly thicker now so you’ll get a more hefty feeling tool, and the removable pocket clip and improved bottle opener provide a welcome bit of extra functionality to your carry. In its base configuration the KeySmart Rugged can hold between 2-14 keys, with extension screws available that up the capacity to 100 keys. Try fitting that on a traditional keyring.

Though there’s plenty to like about the new features of the KeySmart Rugged, the basic premise hasn’t changed. You still have easy access to almost any key you need thanks to the Swiss Knife-style swivel action of the keys, and a small loop attachment point comes with every KeySmart for larger car keys or pesky key fobs.

If you’re looking for a sleek solution to jingling keys the KeySmart has always been a solid option, and this new more durable version makes it even more useful for EDC. Whether you’re upgrading or getting your first key management tool, get your KeySmart Rugged by clicking the link below.

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Jordan ·
What watch is that?!
Philip Rau ·
That's why I am here too, lol
Jesse Leonard ·
Cody ·
No one knows? That's a shame that's an awesome watch
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Ben ·
I thought the whole point of Ti was that it didn't need to be overbuilt? I have the regular Ti Keysmart and there is no way that I would pay that much for extra bulk in my pocket. The whole point of these things is less bulk, not more.
Omega ·
the problem i have with key holders is that when i place keys in the all fall loose and do not remain in place, is that the same?