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Urban EDC Supply Organizer Hybrid

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Urban EDC Supply Organizer Hybrid

Whether you’re just starting out or you've been carrying for years, one thing still holds true: organizing your gear can be a challenge. There’s only so much you can carry in your pockets, and even with an EDC bag, you'll still have to dig through it for that one tool. When it comes to organization, a gear caddy is a good option. But what if your EDC is constantly changing? Urban EDC Supply has the answer with their latest caddy, the Organizer Hybrid. Its versatile pocket layout keeps your gear consolidated, whether it's your travel essentials, pen and paper, everyday tools, cards and cash, and more.

The new Urban Organizer Hybrid is the third the line of Urban Organizers and combines the functionality of the original with the minimalist design of the Mini wallet to give you the best of both worlds. On the front are two slots so you can put your EDC knife in one and your favorite pen in the other. Or swap one of them out for a flashlight, or even just carry a pen and a few credit cards. The choice is yours.

The slot on the back is perfect for an EDC pocket notebook, but it can also hold your passport when traveling just as easily. You also don’t have to worry about whether or not it can survive the daily grind thanks to its Horween leather construction, waxed edges, and saddle-stitching done by hand.

The Organizer Hybrid should age nicely with your gear, becoming as much a part of your EDC as the tools it carries. If you’ve been looking for a way to stay organized (or just like quality gear), the Organizer Hybrid is a great way to go. You can pre-order an Organizer Hybrid in your favorite leather at the link below..

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Omega ·
interesting, but like i said before with something similar, do not put important things in that, can be easily stolen and then having to go through much more hassle. but other then that, it looks great
Sam Webb ·
What is the knife in the top image? It looks amazing!
Gabriel Cornyn ·
Yeah! I want to know as well. It's gorgeous!
blueumbrella ·
That knife is a Kizer Laconico Gemini Folding Knife, sold on Urban EDC Supply.
Tony S ·
I like alot of organizers But I feel it's All Your Eggs In One Basket just my opinion
Xen Portuguez ·
what its the knife in the second image with the tan wallet, brass finish
Jeff ·
Anyone know about the pencil in the right image of the 2nd picture and/or the 3rd picture?
Billy ·
I like it but prefer a pen holder with EDC! Ordered a different one from Disc Wallets.com!
Lucas ·
What is the brass handle knife?
Xen Portuguez ·
same here!!
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