Family shoot / range day

Electrician (age 46)
Forney, Texas
family get together on the farm today = just about everyone will be bringing their handguns [and rifles] ready to shoot...so i provide the range & a few targets !

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Government model- bless you, daddy.

Mine had "Alabama Nat'l Guard" stamped on the frame. Straight 1911 w/lanyard ring. Gone, but not forgotten.

this 1 is an heirloom ..ill never get rid of it....not only was it the 1st gun i ever modded... it was a wedding gift from my wife's grandmother ....it was her late husbands[wifes grandfather] and had never been shot /was brand new in the box when she gave it to me ...i have replaced nearly every part in it with wilson combat parts...everything from the barrel , trigger,extended bever tail/palm safety etc the only non wilson combat part is the mainspring housing which is an ...the only stock parts left on it are the frame and the sights and i actuallly have new adjustable sights for it i just havent gotten around to installing them yet...i plan on having it ceracoated i just haven't decided exactly what color etc
ed brown main spring housing is what i was going to say !
it shoots like a dream to...the trigger is crisp at just barely 3lbs. ....the accuracy i get out of it never ceases to amaze me and/or anyone who trys it out ...its a FINE shooter ...once i get those adjustable sights on there i have no doubt that itll be 1 of the most accurate handguns ill ever own [hell.. it pretty much already is even with the junky fixed sights] !!