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Manker Elfin

Mikey Bautista
Manker Elfin

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Some of the best things in life come in small packages. After putting together a sizable stable of flashlights, Manker set their sights on making a compact EDC knife. And while it would have been easy to pair a flashy design with generic materials and call it a day, they've done the opposite with the Elfin. By making the most out of limited space and using top-tier materials, their first blade shows experience and effort far beyond a freshman attempt.

CPM S35VN steel is a material you usually find on the highest-end knives, thanks to its high performance during tough use and ease of honing and maintenance. It's not a coincidence that it's the steel Manker uses for the Elfin, giving its 1.5” edge enduring operation in spite of its size. Titanium handles keep the knife light but resilient to match its blade steel, making it easy to carry without worrying about hard use both in and out of pocket.

Its steel and shape lend itself to both cutting and piercing tasks, while a flipper tab and frame lock makes the Elfin quick to deploy and get straight to the cutting task at hand. And while the handles don't make room for a clip, a lanyard hole lets you EDC the Elfin with a lanyard or split ring for attaching on a keychain or bag.

Materials make the Manker. Pick up the Elfin from the Amazon link below.

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