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As always, not pictured- Sig 938 in Lima Lincoln Concepts AIWB Holster, Vertx EDC Commuter Sling Bag Green w Sig TacOps 1911.

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Sweet fixed blade.. wouldn't mind having one of those!
Thanks. Then you should. The Patriot is a true bargain at $85 from L.T.Wright or $65 w/o sheath. https://www.ltwrightknives.com/patriot.html

I love fixed blades. Especially as EDC. I ALWAYS carry one. The surprising thing about the Patriot is that it is comparable to a small folder when opened. Don't let it small stature for you the patriot is a tiny brute and can handle jobs that you would never believe such a small knife can handle. L.T. makes incredible blades and has equally incredible customer service. Do yourself a favor and go ahead and buy an L.T. Wright because once you buy one you will keep on buying more and more and more of his knives.