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MecArmy TPX22 Tactical Pen

Mikey Bautista
MecArmy TPX22 Tactical Pen

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There are plenty of mechanical pens to choose from in the market, each with their own benefits. Premium materials, self-defense features, and a wide range of refill options all try to fit the needs of every EDCer. With the TPX22 (and its big brother, the TPX33), MecArmy get to the point and put together all the features EDCers look for and need in a tactical pen. It's a sleek option for the discerning jotter that makes no compromises with its manufacturing and design.

The TPX22 measures 4.84” long machined from TC4 titanium, with a corrosion- and scratch-resistant finish befitting a tough EDC pen. The hardened shell, compact size, and pocket clip lend themselves well to a pen you can carry every day and everywhere. Fisher Space Pen compatibility gives EDCers a familiar refill, with an anti-roll shape that also provides a comfortable grip to help with long writing sessions. As you'd expect on a tactical pen, it boasts a tungsten tip for breaking glass in emergencies and a slot for a glowing tritium vial makes an unexpected (but welcome) addition.

MecArmy's makes a strong foray into the field of tactical pens, with the TPX22 handily knocking off items from an EDCer's wishlist of features. Add the TPX22 to your carry via the Amazon link below.

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