What I'm Carrying This July

Ed Jelley
Staff Writer (age 28)
Long Island, NY
New Additions include:

Sinn 856: picked this lightly used Sinn 856 up from a FS thread on a forum. The watch has so much technology packed into it. Tegimented stretch-resistant case, CuSO4 capsule to keep humidity out, 20bar water resistance, sapphire glass with AR coating, and a clean dial that's really legible. The watch is 40mm, and wears extremely comfortably on the wrist.

Hitch and Timber Pocket Runt: The Pocket Runt is a great way to carry a SAK or small slip joint knife. I've been using the clip on the Tactile Turn to keep the whole sleeve anchored to the pocket of my jeans, keeping everything from bouncing around in my pocket. It also makes it much easier to grab the knife or the pen the moment I need them.

Other than those new additions, everything else I've settled into using. I still love the Bellroy wallet. The Bottlehook is going strong after many years. The "life in the fast lane" keychain is painfully ironic. I found it in a thrift store back in highschool and have carried it since.

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TexEx ·
I have the 856 with a black leather strap along with an 857 Lufthansa. Love Sinns.
Ed Jelley ·
Awesome! I'm really loving the 40mm case compared to my Speedmaster's 42mm. It just wears so well. I'd consider adding a 356 to my collection if I didn't already have the Speedy!
Adam Douglas ·
Yeah that 856 is nice. I think my next watch is going to be a Sinn.
Eric Bordlee ·
I love that Sinn. I was looking at that same model in the PVD coating earlier today.
Ed Jelley ·
I'm really happy with it. The size, the tech, the aesthetic...everything. It works so well on any strap too, whether it's a two piece leather or a nato.