Typical EDC layout, more on the minimalist side

Ironworking (age 27)
Niagara Falls, Canada
I don't ever carry every item here, usually its just my phone, knife, keys, wallet and sometimes the get-a-way driver. Then at work i'll carry the notepad/pen marker, Leatherman skeletool and the Fenix PD22 Flashlight.
To MY standards this is pretty minimalist and this would be a good carry for short to medium excursions and hikes.

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No, But to be honest I just kinda went to town on it with a sewing needle, fishing line and some glue. Ill post some pictures of it today on my profile

I guess I cant really post more pictures of just the notebook, but it honestly took me an half hour to make,
Just make sure you use really good super glue that chemically burns the fabric so it fuses it all together so it doesn't all unravel
Like the reworked Klein zipper pouch. Got any other pic of how you did the work?
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