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MecArmy SGN7 Rechargeable Alarm/Flashlight

Mikey Bautista
MecArmy SGN7 Rechargeable Alarm/Flashlight

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It seems just yesterday that our flashlights used huge disposable batteries and still couldn't hit a hundred lumens. Thanks to modern tech, exponentially powerful pocket rockets are now a thing we slip into our pockets. Best known for their compact keychain flashlights, MecArmy are tackling more than the dark with the SGN7 rechargeable flashlight. With a personal alarm and power bank functionality combined with its significant output, the light not only helps you stay prepared, but keeps you safe, too.

Housed within the SGN7's IPX5-rated aluminum shell is a Cree XP-G2 S4 LED that gives it a maximum output of 550 lumens. You can navigate its 4 other modes with its top switch, including a 1.55 lumen Low mode that runs for 117 hours and a tactical strobe. Speaking of strobe, the SGN7's main personal safety feature is quick access to both this mode and a 120dB siren, giving you security and buying you space in emergency situations at the touch of a button. Side ports for regular and micro USB also let you access the SGN7's portable charging feature. While it won't give you a significant charge, it may be enough for that one important phone call in a pinch.

When your nightly commute turns into a crisis, the SGN7's got your backā€”even if your emergency turns out to just be a low battery. Pick up the light in your choice of color at the Amazon link below.

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Michael ·
I bought one of these for my wife, got jealous, and bought one for me, too. Easy to use, convenient, and has come in handy when I needed a quick charge of my phone for an emergency call. I carry mine in my 5th pocket and use it almost every day. My one complaint is that the alarm isn't particularly loud.